Best BBQ Tools And Grilling Accessories. It’s Time To Get The charcoal Ready. These Are The Ten Must-have Grilling Tools To Up Your Game…


Best BBQ Tools & Grilling Accessories For Chefs ?

We’re in the middle of summer, and the sun is as radiant as it will be. You know what that means, it’s time to dust off the grill.

Grilling is one of the most popular American pastimes, and for some, it has become an art form.

A master griller will tell you it’s all about the right temperature and the ceremonial preparation of the meat, but if you want to get it right, it all comes down to having the right accessories.

Here are some thanksgiving ideas ? … Ten important must-have BBQ tools and grilling accessories.

1Grilling Apron.

Sure, it might not sound like much, but a good BBQ is all about getting hands-on dirty, and you don’t want to ruin your favorite jersey, do you?


Actually, a good, manly apron looks good and gives you authority, after all, you’re in command of that steamin’ grill.

2Grill Mitts.

Yes, more apparel but you’ll thank us for suggesting these.


A grill can go up to 500°F and a steaming stub up to 650°F! So, you’ll want to stay safe.

It’s truly impossible to flip and poke your meat freely without specialized grill mitts.


This might not be your preferred weapon of choice, but a long-handle spatula is the most important utensil for outdoor cooking.


You can even chase flies with it.


Cooking evenly is all about keeping things in motion, so you’ll need to be able to move things around.

4Long-handled tongs

Much handier than a spatula, long-handled tongs will help you flip and toss your food on and off the fire.


You can even move the red-hot ambers beneath the grill.

With some practice, you’ll be able to handle even the smallest items like it was your hand.

5Grill Basket

Small foodstuff falls through the grill; it happens to all of us.


If you’re cooking vegetables, baby potatoes, scallions or spring onions, you’ll want to keep them safe from falling into the abyss.

The handy cage will help you cook multiple things at the same time and will leave space for the bigger stuff.


Skewers, whether they’re made of metal or bamboo are perfect tools for grilling all kinds of stuff.


Diced bell peppers and onions, sausages and hot dogs, they’ll all turn crisp and smoky without spreading around.

Pro tip: Prepare your skewers ahead of time; let the kids help out.

7Basting Brush.

A BBQ is nothing without a basting sauce.


Everyone has a recipe, sure, but we all need a professional basting brush designed to withstand the heat.

Baste your meat before and during cooking to ensure the perfect flavor and moisture.

8Grilling Planks.

This is more a luxury than a necessity, but once you try the smoky deliciousness that these small wooden planks add to your food, you’ll never go back.


Remember to soak them in water before use.

This handy cooking method will give another layer of flavor to your BBQ.

9Meat Thermometer.

This is the single most important item to master the BBQ.


Meat, as it turns out, needs to get to a very specific core temperature to be called rare, medium well, or well done.

It’s not just about preferences, but about safety too, so get yourself a good ol’ meat thermometer and use it!

10Grill Brush.

No one wants to talk about it, but there’s plenty of cleaning to do after a hot day of BBQ with friends and family.


Have a good grill brush and clean your grill while it’s still hot, it’s easier that way.

It’s hard work, but your grill will be ready for one more round, perhaps tomorrow?


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