People often shy away from wading the waters of binary options trading for its inherently risky nature.

The latent market involved is ever changing, which increases the risk factor and the get- some- or- nothing- at- all policy especially scares away trading amateurs who cannot assess whether the risk is worth it.

Contrary to popular belief, binary options trading is not an altogether bad investment to make money online. But only put your capital in if one has the right kind of guidance.

A good broker can show you a hurdle- free path to kick- start your binary options trading venture while steering you away from the trial- and- error pitfalls.

Binary options trading. Wich platform should you choose?

trading bitcoin platform

Here are some decisive points to help you choose the best binary platform:

  1. Return Rates

Always go with a platform that offers at least 70% returns. Some platforms even offer returns of 85% and above. Go for the ones that offer high payout rates.

  1. Responsiveness

A good customer support is very important. The platform you choose should always be responsive to your emails and available all the time because you can always have questions. Some platforms even provide live chat support and those are the ones to go for.

  1. Security

A good platform should offer the security of your data and money. Your credit card information should be encrypted, and there should be protection of your assets, so nothing gets lost after transactions.

  1. Trading of Multiple Assets

Some platforms offer you multiple assets to choose from like stocks, currency pairs, commodities even Bitcoin. Having more options gives you a higher chance of increasing profits.

  1. Accessibility

The Binary platform should allow you to access it from multiple devices so that you will you can trade from anywhere irrespective of your location.

  1. Funding options

You could be presented with a profitable trading opportunity anytime. In order to tap onto that, your binary options platform should allow you to make deposits via multiple funding options like Visa, Mastercard, Bank transfer, Paypal.

  1. Flexibility in trade execution

Choose a platform that allows you to trade binary options across multiple expiration times.

  1. Extra fees and bonuses

Platforms that offer bonuses on your initial deposit will lock your money for a long time, so it should be avoided. Also, make sure there are no hidden charges.

It is important that you keep these points in mind while choosing your binary options platform – it is going to affect your outcome in this business.

Binary trading with 24Option – and why it may the right choice for you.

An excellent option to consider, when looking for a reliable broker, is

Owned by Rodeler Limited, the company operates within the European economic area and is dedicated to teaching people the art of successfully trading in a choppy market and providing them with a secure and simple platform to conduct their operations.

The Advantages

Unlike many other competitors, 24Option is run with a clear set of standards, and you can check in on their accomplishments easily. Here are some of the things that we loved.

  1. Like all responsible service providers, dedicates an entire section of their website to the risks involved in binary options trading. The risk disclosure section makes sure that the customer makes a well- informed decision and does not invest rashly.
  2. Not only does help people trade through its platform, but it also educates them on the basics of trading, the tips, and tactics to carry out profitable trading and advanced skills to ace the trading game. One can access this information through their website’s Education Centre section, where it is available in the form of webinars.
  3. This platform can be used successfully by both, amateurs, who want to begin trading as well as seasoned traders, who are looking for an easy interface with the market. The user-friendly interface is laden with tools such as those for charting and technical analysis, which make trading easy.
  4. The efficient and intuitive platform offers a large list of assets that are on the market and their real-time situation. If you are trading through, you are sure to the fastest updates on the market – essential to keep you at the top of the trading game.
  5. The platform is safe and ensures the security of personal information of the customer, which is an essential prerequisite for an online platform that handles money.
  6. To help traders keep up with every activity of the volatile market, 24option. com also offers an app interface that you can use to access your profile from anywhere, at any time.
  7. The latest upgrade to the Scipio trading platform ensures cutting-edge performance for binary options, FOREX and CFD’s trading.
  8. Another feature that makes a favorite among traders, amateurs and experienced alike, is the many deposit options that it offers. International traders have the option of paying through Skrill, Sofort, Astropay, Webmoney, Qiwi, et cetera.

To begin trading on, an one- time deposit of $250 has to be made. Following that, you can trade for any amount between $24 and $100,000.


The only drawback that is glaring is that does not cater to trades based in the US. It also does not provide services in Australia.

Therefore, provides its users:

  • A broad service base that caters to both amateurs and seasoned traders.
  • Highly-responsive customer care service to help clients in need.
  • Appealing trading options for all budgets.
  • Easy access trading operation through the app.
  • Traders can sign up for the free signals service.

24Option – Is It The Binary Trading Platform You Seek?

Other than weighing stand-alone pros and cons, it is important that a broker score high on certain essential parameters to be considered reliable and efficient.

So, how does do on these grounds:


An important detail to establish the trustworthiness of a broker is to find out whether it is regulated.

Regulation acts as a third-party check- and- balance measure to ensure that unethical practices are not being undertaken that may disadvantage the customer in any form. is regulated by CySec, a highly reputed regulator who was one of the first brokers in Europe to obtain recognition from the European Union’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

In addition, licensed by UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, adding to the reliability of the broker. offers you the credibility you were looking for on a binary options platform and help you gain access to a wide market.

This it offers to its clients also, making it a favourite among traders.

Asset Availability

If a broker provides an expansive range of assets for its clients to trade in, it is definitely a point in its favour because the more choice a trader has regarding assets, the more they can diversify and have a rich trading experience.

24option. com provides more than 120 asset options including those in stocks, indices, commodities, and FOREX.

The range of stocks includes those from companies leading in oil, technology, telecommunications, car manufacturing, et cetera.

Since they are all major players in their respective fields, you can find reliable information about them before taking the plunge.

The list of indices may not be the best offered in the market, but it does include all major names like FTSE 100 and Dow Jones.

On, currency trading is done in pairs. This means that the trader picks two currencies and bids in favour of the one that he thinks shall perform better. provides 6 currency pairs to choose from.

All of these are leading currency types from across the globe, including the US Dollar, Euro, and Great Britain Pound.

For traders involved in binary options trading, commodities are a preferred asset type. lets you choose from among high-value commodities like gold, silver, platinum, copper and crude oil.

Binary Options Available

24Option provides its clients with four options to trade in.

  • The High/Low option, where the trader estimates the future price of an object going at its current rate, is one of the commonest binary options provided. It is a time- bound activity and 24Option allows you to place this trade on a number of assets such as currency pairs and stocks.
  • The One Touch/No Touch option is harder to predict but as a bigger payout. In this time-based trade, a target price is set for an asset against an expiration time. A trader who selects the One Touch option has to predict whether the asset will reach the set price before the expiration time.

The trader gets a payout as soon as the asset does reach the set price. If the same does not happen within the given time limit, the trader loses the trade.

In a No Touch option, a price is set for an asset and traders to predict that its current price of the asset shall not reach the set price in the set time.

If the asset does touch the set price within the expiration time, the trader loses the trade otherwise, he wins it.


  • In the Boundary option, the broker sets a boundary price for an asset that has an upper and a lower value. The trade is based on predicting whether the price of the asset shall remain within the boundary or fall out of it, in a given time.


  • The 60 Second option is one of the newer options available for binary options trading, and 24Option does provide it. As the name suggests, the expiration window of this trade type is 60 seconds. Even though it is a high- risk trade, it is also a high-paying trade.


Anyone who begins online trading does so with a profit motive in mind. It is essential that the broker be able to provide its clients with high payouts.

24Option delivers adequately on this criterion as well, with payouts being between 70 and 89 per cent for good traders.

The 60-second trading option has yielded as high as 70 per cent payout.

24Option does its duty of being a responsible broker by amply educating its clients of the risks involved and then supports their trading ventures through an easy interface and an informative Education Centre.

Customer care

For an online trading broker to be conducive for new traders, it is essential that it has an actively responsive and well- trained customer support staff that can promptly address all issues that new traders may face out of inexperience or unfamiliarity with the interface.

24option does excellently well on this count as it has just the kind of customer care described away.

The customer support information in available in at least 13 languages to help traders in the lurch, no matter which language they prefer.

It also provides live chat, email and telephone facility for all binary option trading queries that you may have.


Both deposit and withdrawal are done rather simply on the user-friendly interface of the 24Option website and pose no problems, even to a trading newbie.

Traders can make deposits digitally in three currency types: Great Britain Pound, US Dollar and Japanese Yen.

The withdrawal process is also straightforward and fuss-free.

Now, the primary concern of traders before conducting ant transactions is the safety that the broker can guarantee for them.

24Option uses a multi-layered security system to ensure that your transactions are done over a secure platform.

Moreover, it has been a reliable broker with a good service record for a long time in the market now and has many credible sources to vouch for its trustworthiness.

Analysis of comments in trading forums about 24Option being a scam or swindling money has all turned out to be either bogus or rants of irate traders who failed to make desired bucks on the platform.

Account Type

24Option allows its raders to have three types of accounts: Standard, Gold, and Platinum. As the name suggest, Platinum account holders generally stand to gain the maximum and are allowed to trade in all trading options offered by the broker. They also get the quickest updates regarding the market.

Gold account holders are also allowed to trade in all options and benefit with a 2% return on each trade that they conduct through the broker.

Standard account holders are not really disadvantaged either as they are also provided with primary facilities like permission to trade all options and access to 24 hours excellent customer support.

Before picking the account type that would use to operate your binary options trading with on 24 Option, it may help to gather ample information about each account type.

This shall help you choose one that suits your trading style best.

Keeping new traders in mind, 24Option also has the facility of a free demo account. Users who sign up for it can conveniently learn about the basics of trading and familiarize themselves with tips and tactics of the market.

If you are a beginner on the online trading platform, using the personal account manager may prove to be immensely helpful in deciding which account type shall suit you best.

What Did We Love the Most? is one of the few online brokers that are trusted by a wide user and critic base for their successful handling of risky investment ventures like binary options trading.

It has received recognition from some of the most trusted regulators in the industry, contributing to its credibility.

It is a responsible broker platform that makes it a point to familiarize new traders with the risks of the business and also guide them around it.

With an easy and secure interface, 24Option makes sure that beginners do not have a tough time navigating and can focus on trading instead.

The wide range of assets and trading options offered by 24Option enrich your trading experience by allowing you to diversify and engage with a global market.

It also provides its clients with the latest and quickest updates from the market, making sure that if you choose to associate with 24Option for binary options trading, it proves to be a beneficial and profitable decision for you.


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