Brave browser software has intentions to let you earn rewards and give back to your favorite publishers.

For a while now, the Brave Software has immediate plans to commercialize Reddit posts and Twitter. Anyone who sees Brave-placed ads will get a portion of the revenue from the advertiser.

It’s an opt-in system, so by default Brave won’t show any ads. But those who do opt in should be able to receive BAT they can then send back to other website publishers to support their operations.

Brave software is the cause of Basic Attention Token (BAT), and Brave browser open sourced ad-blockings. The software company allows you to cash-in on Reddit posts as well as on tweets.

Click to download the Brave browser software
Click to download the Brave browser software

Brave browser pro’s.

  • It is safer to use
  • It is faster to use
  • Save money
  • Block ads
  • Block tracking
  • Block fishing
  • Fingerprint protection

Not many believe it but for a fact you can tip via Brave browser to make money on every Reddit posts and tweets later as long as you can alluringly persuade others to pay via that ad blocking web page site.

It was just recently that CNET had an interview with Brave. It was then that Brave revealed its plans to expound on the token rewarding system.

This way users of Brave Browser are going to tip others on YouTube and Twitch using BAT tokens to Reddit and Twitter. In regards to one Brave statement made.

The users need to enable the BAT payments explicitly so that users get tipped for their respective contents. It will be a tipping model in short.

Brave alluded that the there will be the release of the functionality come 2018’s 4th quarter. That would assist in sufficing their platform’s fuel growth.

It was the other month that Brave passed and approved a massive milestone consisting of over three million users. Not to forget that was an extra interpolation to creating a list of top ten communication apps on Play store in 21 various countries.

Currently, BAT possesses a market cap worth $230 million. It’s ranked the 39th on coinmarketcap which is a benchmarking index for enormous –cap tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Brave browser software has more than 20,000 verified publishers as customers to receive BAT: about 13,500 YouTube channels, 5,300 websites and 1,100 Twitch streamers, the company said.


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