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Healthy Living Advice. How To Maintain Good Health Of The Whole Body.

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Healthy Living Might Not Be As Difficult As You Think. But You Only Have 1 Health. So You Better Take Extremely Good Care Of Your Most Important Asset… Your Health.

Healthy Living Anno 2020.

  • Any time is a great time to focus on your health but let’s be honest, it’s not always easy.
  • Why not focus on your health at a time that will make your efforts more effective?
  • Yes, there is such a time and it happens at the beginning of your day, everyday.

Optimize your health in the morning

The facts are in and they suggest that the morning is the best time to focus on your health.

People who eat and exercise the same amount should lose the same amount of weight, but studies reveal that people who exercise first thing in the morning, lose more weight than people who exercise later in the day (although they all lose weight!)

It’s also impossible for something to pop up in your day that derails your workout plans if you do your workout before anything pops up.

Further, the science of motivation suggests that exercising early and eating a healthful breakfast will maximize your motivation.

Making healthy decisions burns up the mental energy you need to stick to your good habits later in the day.

Turning down cookies at lunch makes it harder to turn down ice cream after dinner.

EXCEPT for decisions made early in the morning!

Motivation fatigue is less affected by activities early in the morning because physical and mental energies spike a few hours after you wake up.

If you exercise and get a good breakfast in this crucial window, you will not suffer the same loss of motivation later in the day.

This will allow you to more easily stick with your healthy habits throughout the day.

You can double this effect by packing your gym bag, breakfast, and lunch the night before so you don’t have to use up any decision power when you wake up.

All you have to do is crawl out from under the covers.

  • So amplify your efforts tomorrow.
  • Get your bag together.
  • Pack that healthful breakfast and lunch.
  • Set the alarm early.

Then all you have to do is roll out of bed tomorrow, do exactly what you were doing before, and hit the turbo button on your health results!