China Dog Meat Trade Is Barbarian! Would You Slaughter And Sell Your Dog’s Meat On An Local Market? Let Alone Have Him On Your Plate For Dinner??

The government of China has released a statement in which it states that cats and dogs should not be slaughtered for meat.

The HSI (Humane Society International) animal welfare organization refers to the statement issued by the government as a real “game-changer” that could signify the end to the China dog meat trade.

A draft document has been published by the Chinese Ministry of Rural Affairs and Agriculture; a document of the National Catalogue of Poultry Genetic Resources and Livestock.

This document can be found a list of animals that are considered as livestock; the list is open for consultations from the public until the 8th of May.

Om the list can be found

  • chickens,
  • ducks,
  • and pigs;
  • cats and dogs are not to be found on the list.

In the past, with no explanation from the ministry, these two animals also didn’t appear on the list.

In a statement that was released, dogs were now referred to companion animals as opposed to traditional domestic animals; this was said to be in line with the progress of human civilization and the preference for animal protection.

In the same statement it added dogs around the world are not regarded as poultry or livestock, and that therefore China should follow suit.

Is Trading In Dog Meat In China Coming To An End?

The statement outlining the protection of dogs as companion animals follows a ban on both cat and dog meat by Shenzhen.

Shenzhen, a South Eastern city was the very first in the country to enforce such a ban.

A specialist at HIS, Dr. Peter Li, at the time, stated that this ban could be seen as a watershed moment, and indeed as a beginning of the end of the cruel and brutal trade.

In Shenzhen, The Ban Will Become Law In May 2020.

An astounding 10 million dogs are killed each year in China for their meat.

However, only around 20% of the population of China actually eats dog meat.

With the passing of this ban, things could change even more.

Wendy Higgins, director of HIS’s international media department stated that it was incredibly encouraging to see that in Mainland China there is now a ban, albeit a draft, on the table, that would put a stop to the eating of cats and dogs.

Every year, millions of both cats and dogs, mostly stolen domestic companion pets, suffer the agony of being killed for the meat trade in China.

There is a huge desire to see an end to the practice, amongst animals lovers and Chinese animal groups.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Support the China Dog Meat Trade Ban!


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