For a long time, people are yet to enjoy the huge benefits that Cryptocurrencies offer.

Instead, the conversation has mainly focused on them as alternative currencies in transacting.

That’s not even the major thing. So far, Cryptocurrencies have made it possible to make money on social networks, enabling people to exploit the power that comes with user engagement.

For corporations, cryptocurrencies provide a means to gain additional revenue as a result of their involving their users.

As a result, investors may choose to buy stake in any corporate crypto such as the KodakCoin for purposes of making money as a result of the popularity of the cryptocurrency network.

For that reason, buying cryptocurrencies cannot be compared to buying stock.

Due to the success that KodakCoin has so far attained, there is a likelihood of witnessing a surge for the release of corporate cryptocurrencies in the near future.

As usual, experts have high hopes that blockchain will continue disrupting all industries, including the real estate, banking, shipping, and healthcare among other key sectors of the economy.

This therefore, requires that companies should acquire the necessary expertise to help them manage the impending revolution occasioned by cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies entry into Global Blockchain

Global Blockchain technologies, also abbreviated as CSE: BLOC; OTC: BLKCF has strategically placed itself on the market to enable other companies or individuals to make profit as a result of the cryptocurrency wave.

Unlike it happens in Bitcoin marketplace where investors are exposed to great risks, Global Blockchain technologies offers its investors opportunities to invest while guarding them against such risks.

Therefore, BLOC can be said as a private equity fund or incubator for upcoming cryptos. This has been made possible due to their experienced team of experts helping in the management of these cryptos.

Due to their knowledge, they know the do’s and don’ts of the crypto technology and blockchain.

As a result, Global Blockchain technologies have the ability to distinguish winners from losers in the world of cryptocurrency.

The Global Blockchain technologies company was founded by Steven Nerayoff, a pioneer in cryptocurrencies and the co-founder of Ethereum cryptocurrency – a currency whose current market valuation is in excess of $70 billion.

Getting into the blockchain or bitcoin market does not require you to possess prior experience.

All you’ve to do is to include BLOC in your trading account (online brokerage account) and wait for the next big thing in form of crypto expansion.

Most people view the bitcoin as a bubble waiting to bust. However, due to the blockchain and corporate currencies’ innovations, the world is set to soon witness the real value of the Bitcoin.

Understanding the Blockchain

For tech savvy individuals, they say blockchain is the new big thing in the market. On the other hand, blockchain may sound foreign or hard to understand among ordinary investors who try to understand how it works.

Bottom line: you need not technical knowhow of the blockchain to be able to realize its benefits.

For one, Blockchain Global has put in place a team of experts to help investors achieve their investment goal easy.

As a result, they help incubate upcoming crypto coins, and in return the company earns stake in equity or a share of the investor’s starting tokens.

The other reason why you can trust Global blockchain to realize profit from cryptocurrency is that the company is headed by the “father” of crypto currency – Steve Nerayoff, the cofounder of Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Due to Steve’s expertise, he’s been able to offer professional opinion to Lisk Cryptocurrency. The Lisk cryptocurrency is currently valued at $3 billion.

Besides Nerayoff being the head of the team, he has able team behind him.

The CEO is Richard Willard who also co-founded the Silcon Valley Blockchain Society, and an advisor to the Luxembourg National Blockchain Initiative.

The other team member is Jeff Pulver. Jeff has so far been able to advice upward of 350 startups.

Michael Terpin is the other member of Nerayoff’s team of experts at Blockchain Global. Terpin founded Marketwire, a company that went for $200 million when sold in 2016, and he also doubles as the management partner at First Blockchain incubator.

These are the persons who will ensure that your investment in the digital currency is well taken care of.

In return, you wouldn’t be bothered with the idea of having to mine bitcoins or conduct computer rigs.

What this therefore means is that your investment won’t be tied to a single currency or crypto token.

There are plans by Blockchain Global to provide more cryptocurrency exposure to you, including exposure on top crypto tokens and the corporate coins, which will probably come as a surprise to many.

Cryptocurrencies and Token Breakdown

In 2017, the crypto world witnessed a great takeoff for the top tokens, where the value of the Bitcoin shot by 1300%, Rippe by 36000% and Ethereum by 9000%.

Even though the crypto market has of late experienced a crash, you could still have millions worth of profit if you invested some hundreds of your money in 2011.

As much as these top are getting too much attention, the Global blockchain has sufficient measures to ensure its investors get exposure to the new digital coins including the upcoming corporate cryptos that have the potential to cause a revolution in the way people make money through networks.

The more surprising thing about these cryptos is that top but small-cap tokens even experienced better returns than their big-cap tokens. For instance, Verge token whose market capitalization is $864 million realized a 216000% return on investment.

On average, other tokens including the Ethereum, Stellar, PIVX, and Reddcoin experienced a 10,000% profit return the same period last year.

Roughly, the top 10 small capitalization tokens got returns in excess of 40,000%.

These therefore become the Global Blockchain’s primary target. And as a result of the expertise available at Blockchain, it would be easy to separate losers from winners.

With such expertise, they can easily navigate the mucky initial Coin Offerings (ICO) world where there’s a potential to win or lose millions of money.

For your information, ICO is the crypto-equivalent of the IPO.

It’s also important to understand that the Global Blockchain’s team knowledge of the small-caps tokens indicates their preparedness for the unexpected crypto market crash than their peers in the crypto world.

  • Corporate Crypto

Crypto currencies are just more than alternative currencies. They can be that one solution that can help people to earn money by making sufficient use of networks.

For instance, with corporate crypto, it’s possible for firms to sale products that would otherwise be impossible to sale using classic money.

There are a few companies, alongside Global Blockchain that have embraced the corporate crypto idea.

They include Kodak Eastman that has developed KodakCoin. For instance, Global Blockchain bought KodakCoins at $2million – a discounted rate.

However, the KodakCoin stocks appreciated in value the moment Kodak Eastman announced this transaction.

Currently, Kodak Eastman and Global blockchain are partners, where Global blockchain offers post-market advice regarding the new Kodak Coin.

The other partners to Global Blockchain are, and tZero – a subsidiary of

  • The use of Crypto currency motivated by Global blockchain

This is an indication that corporate are warming up to tokenization. For instance, some times in the recent past, Seagate availed a powerful hardware to support transaction in tokens.

It is an indication that Seagate has confidence that the blockchain and crypto technologies are the way to go for the world to achieve frictionless transactions.

Unlike bitcoins, a corporate coin that can be attached to a reputable brand will cause a revolution, any time from now.

  • Prepare for the upcoming wave

Blockchain intends to become a brand facilitating the adoption of corporate cryptocoin, offering the required blockchain expertise and become the overall overseer of this corporate cryptocurrency revolution.

They seek to simplify the process of trading in crypto currencies. They also seek to offer revenue generation opportunities to firms through the use of different cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, they seek to encourage corporate to join the world of crypto currency by offering their own tokens.

Global Blockchain wants to help companies realize this potential, just like it happened to Kodak Eastman when they developed KodakCoin.

Therefore, to realize this, let your focus be on where there’s expertise rather than hype.

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