DAB radio meaning – Digital Audio Broadcast. To have a DAB radio signal, the analog audio gets converted and compressed using audio formats like MP3.

DAB Radio Meaning – Streaming your music has never looked and sounded so good!

With the online streaming that is becoming the most preferred source of entertainment, people will soon shift to buying DAB radio.

Most people will comfortably talk about FM and AM radio but might be knowing nothing about DAB radio even though its history is backed up to 1995.

Maybe this is all that you need to enjoy your radio experience.

It, however, starts by having a clear understanding of what you want to go for.

The DAB radio is simply a Digital Audio Broadcast Radio.

From its name in full, this radio broadcasts in a digital method and not the standard analog format.

This is the major broadcast that is used in the UK.

If you leave in the UK and you are not yet tuned to DAB radio, you are missing a lot.

For instance, DAB radio is more user-friendly.

If you want to use it for the first time, simply switch it on and allow it to scan all the available stations automatically.

Once the scan is over, you should save all of them.

From there, you will always scroll down to the station that you want without necessarily remembering their frequencies.

The stations are saved by name.

Additionally, DAB radio has a display that gives you all the information regarding what you are listening to.

It displays the name of the station, the song currently playing and its artist, the name of the program and its DJ if available.

This is not the hassle that you are most likely to go through when searching for such information in FM radio broadcast.

Another thing that you are missing has a radio broadcast that can link you to several stations.

If you have a DAB radio in your car, it means that it can pick up digital radio stations that are most readily available.

This means that you are going to have a wide range of radio stations to go for than for the AM or FM radio.

If you want such an experience, you must be thinking of tuning to DAB radio.

What are the things that you should be looking for in a DAB radio?

When buying a DAB radio, there are things that you should consider so that you get the best experience.

Of you end up one without considering such factors, you might not get the best experience.

Here are some of them:

  1. Rechargeability

It would help if you went for a DAB radio with an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

This gives you a chance to walk along with it once it has been charged.

It does not fix you into listening to it when it is charging.

Also, ensure that you check at the battery life of the radio you are going for.

Don’t spend much cash on something that does not last.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity

Through the Bluetooth, you are simply turning your radio into a wireless speaker.

You can, therefore, play music from the phone in better sound quality.

If you love listening to a podcast or streaming live, this feature can be a great deal for you.

  1. Alarm clock

Today, most people forget about buying watches with alarm. Most people use other gadgets that are alarm clock friendly.

The DAB radio is one such gadget.

When purchasing your DAB radio, you should not hesitate to have the alarm clock setting options available.

DAB radio will, however, become extremely popular.

It would be best if you took advantage of this opportunity to have your piece before their prices hike in response to increment in their demand.


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