Digital goods marketplace. If you’re an affiliate marketeer, I’ll bet you think you’re in heaven!


Digital goods marketplace. This is paradise for affiliate marketeers. A complete clickbank store for savvy affiliates. If you want to sell clickbank digital products, this is the place to be. Do you want to see paradise for affiliates? Check this link. Digital marketplace

Digital goods marketplaceDigital goods marketplace. The complete clickbank marketplace to play with!

Anyone can make ClickBank a cashmachine. You are given an array of distinguished tools by CBProAds immediately you sign up with ClickBank. Besides, all members obtain 50 to 70% reward on sales made. This makes ClickBank a highly rewarding internet retailer that everyone interested in making money should enlist.

In just one transaction you market on ClickBank, you earns $70. The median reward on the firm’s merchandise is fluctuated at $20 and $40. With this, you will make a lump sum of money if you sell, say, less than just 10 items daily. You will be amazed with ClickBank’s competitive commission if you compare it with the rivals. It is the salesperson’s most friendly on offer.

CBproAds – The essential tool of ClickBank’s products

The company being the largest internet retailer, it makes payouts worth millions of dollars to its associates yearly. However, alone does not provide sufficient opportunities and tools to its associates marketing the items. It therefore, introduced CBproAds, an innovate technique to market the firm’s products. At, the company associates are provided with a lot of promotion tools.


CBproAds serves to offer reinvented products of the company to the clients. This is done by manipulating the ClickBank’s market information from the XML data feedbacks received. These changes makes are all aimed to making the company’s products more appealing to clients.

  1. We get rid of junk merchandise

Outdated products are promptly removed. Products with expired domains are no longer needed by the customers. We have a dedicated team that reviews all products on offer to remove junk or products with expired domains thus ensuring the firm’s merchandise is up to date and addresses current need. New products are also examined.

  1. All products have their cover image displayed

Clients buys what they see. Our website displays images depicting the actual appearance of products on offer. The images are important in introducing the products to the client and invoking the feel.

  1. ClickBank’s website is appended daily, automatically.

Another signature component of CBproAds. The website acts as a storefront for ClickBanks. We have therefore, liaised with other service providers on the internet to ensure our website is updated eve s, allowing addition and removal of products on a daily basis. We are mindful of the frustration these interruptions caused every day. This is accomplished by providing our XML feeds to third-party service providers who utilize it.

Our associates are relieved the worry of hardship brought by restoring the ClickBank’s XML feeds obtained from the marketplace every day. CBproAds does it for you right from the database. All information concerning the ads on your storefront are automatically updated. Any change made on ClickBank is processed accordingly in real time and the central XML feed is appended to ensure the service is not intercepted.

More Money Making Opportunities.

ClickBank is a highly reputable internet retailer with over 6 million customers all over the world. The company has distribution networks in over 180 countries. More than 28’000 transactions are handled by the company.


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