Erythritol sweetener is the best diet sugar on the market…


Erythritol sweetener in your diet? As a matter of fact, the diet and sweets do not match. For instance, if you can consume about 300 grams of carbohydrates a day; the same carbohydrates you get after eating a cup full of honey nut cheerios, definitely, you’ll realize that sweets are not the way to go.

But have you ever known that the majority of desserts/sweets flooding social media have that one hidden ingredient known as erythritol?

Erythritol sweetener. What actually is this erythritol?

Basically, it can be defined as a sugar alcohol, which acts like the substitute of sugar.

As per the FDA, erythritol is a kind of sugar which apart from being used as a sweetener, it also can be used to ass texture and bulk to products, prevent browning, and preserve some moisture.

When comparing, erythritol is seen to be about 60-80% sweet just like the normal sugar. Research done by International Food Information Council, revealed that a gram of erythritol can have a maximum of 0.2 calories.

There are different types of alcohol sugar, namely; sorbitol and xylitol, which are the same like erythritol.

The only difference between these sugars and erythritol is that a gram of sorbitol has 2.6 calories, while a gram of xylitol has 2.4 calories.

According to Torey Armul, who is the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ spokesperson, erythritol is mostly added as an ingredient in drinks and foods of low calories and low-sugar like; Quest Bars and think Halo.

  • Is erythritol a carbohydrate?

Whichever the case, consuming erythritol cannot affect your carb intake by any means. The reason for this is that the body never absorbs any sugar alcohol. This is from the findings of International Food Information Council.

You can calculate the net carb intake by removing the sugar alcohol and fiber contained in the product from the total sum of carbohydrates written on the product’s label.

What it means here is that there is no need of putting into account the calories that will not be absorbed by the body.

  • What is the difference between other sweeteners and erythritol?

Sugar alcohol like erythritol differ from other sweeteners that we consume. Actually, other sweeteners like stevia and sucralose, are known to be nonnutritive sweeteners since they don’t have any calories or nutrition, while sugar alcohols do have calories derived from carbohydrates.

Another difference is that other sweeteners originate from various sources and do taste a lot sweeter than sugar alcohols.

For instance, aspartame is 200 times much tastier that regular sugar and is composed of two distinct amino acids.

Splenda; also known as sucralose, is gotten from sugar and its sweetness is 600 times than the normal sugar.

  • Does erythritol contain health advantages?

According to Armul, there are no health benefits when one consumes erythritol. The advantages will arise if the erythritol is used as a substitute to assist in the calorie reduction when consumed with someone.

The fact behind this is that the erythritol does not elevate sugar level in the blood. As a matter of fact, higher sugar levels can lead to weight gain. Another benefit of sugar alcohols according to FDA is that they are not a cause of cavities by any means.

This is the reason as to why when you have a look at the label of granulated or powdered erythritol, you will see lots of zeros, no fiber, no vitamins nor proteins. In short, the purpose of erythritol in your coffee will be to sweeten it and not to add any carbs or calories.

  • Can artificial sweeteners be a cause of cancer?

Hell no, they cannot be the cause of cancer. Investigation carried out by Food and Chemical Toxicology, revealed that there are no threats of cardiovascular or carcinogenic when you consume erythritol.

There is no amount yet that has been established by FDA, which one is supposed to consume on a day. This means that consuming large amounts is not risky to your health.

Erythritol sweetener. Any side effects?

For those diagnosed with a sensitive tummy, take caution as sugar alcohols can be the cause of stomach disorders because they are not digestible.

For those with a bowel syndrome that is irritable, it is advisable not to consume erythritol or rather take it in limited quantity.

Research done by European Journal of clinical Nutrition, revealed that those with no health disorders, will need to consume erythritol in abnormal quantities, like 30 grams in a day, for them to note some effects. It is advisable for one to take 10 -15 grams of erythritol per day.

Always have a look at the label of your preferable low-cal food to know the total amount of sugar alcohol it holds.

As for FDA, the producers of sugar alcohol snacks or drinks put the amount on the label, though it is not mandatory unless there are some health side effects that come along with it.

This means that you sometimes will not find erythritol listed on the label though the food contains it.

  • And for the Halo Top Vanilla Ice Cream, what is the nutritional label?

In a case where you do not find it in the label, have a look at the list of ingredients to find how often it features there.

Normally, it is among the first ingredients to be named, meaning there is a substantial quantity used.

  • In which way can you use erythritol?

From what we have already seen, erythritol is in most cases available in low-sugar and low-calorie foods.

Apart from that, you can purchase granulated or powdered erythritol in stores, to use it in adding sweetness in your coffee.

If you are an inspo fan looking for recipes where erythritol can be used, visit the keto community or Ruled me, on Reddit for more tips and procedures.

Important warning: the amount of normal sugar you can use will never be equal with the erythritol amount you will use.

For instance, one cup of normal sugar is equivalent with one and a third cups of erythritol. It is advisable to make an adjustment of ingredients in the recipe before going ahead to bake.

Lastly, it seems absurd to be intentionally adding some sugar alcohol like erythritol to your diet.

In fact, Armul says that whole foods are more beneficial health wise. But if you are in search for an alternative for sugar, erythritol is the way to go.

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