Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief. Lower Back Pain Affects Up To 90% Of People In Their Lifetime. I Can Help To Reduce The Pain & Get You Back Up 99%! Follow these 15 steps when back pain pops up.

15 Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief.

With all the busy goings all year long, you don’t have time for back pain to slow you down!

And with it tending to pop up again and again, a little insight on how to manage it and reduce its incidence can help to reduce the pain and get you back to almost 100% so you can enjoy your life again!

1Remain Active Is Probably The Most Important Factor.

This seems counterintuitive but your back likes to move.  We tend to treat backs like they are different, but they are just a group of muscles and joints like any other body part.

If a muscle or joint is stiff, or spastic, in any other part of the body we intuitively understand that it needs to move.

The same thing applies to your back pain.

If it feels stiff and spastic then the back will want to get those tissues moving and every single activity you do throughout the day will be a mini stretch and exercise program for your back.

2Exercises for lower back pain relief. Try Some Stretches.

As stated before, the back loves movement.

When the back hurts people tend to move less.

This seems like the smart thing to do, but the reality is that the back needs some movement.

Think of the back like a stiff hinge.

Ignoring it won’t make it better, instead, it needs some grease and gentle movement.

Try the stretches below to gently get into more movement

  • Single knee to Chest- Lie on your back with your knees bent. Grab the back of one of your thighs and bring it up toward your chest. When you find the point that it stretches the low back, slowly rock it in and out of that range and gradually increase the movement each time. Do that about twenty times then switch legs. If you don’t feel a stretch doing this, try doing it with both legs together!


  • Lazy Cobra- lie on your stomach with your palms on the ground and the back of your hands touching the front of your shoulders. Now, keeping your hips against the ground, breathe out as you press your chest away from the floor. Again, when you find the spot where you get stuck, slowly move in and out of that range while pressing a little farther each time. Do this 20 times


  • Cat and Camel- start on your hands and knees. Keeping your arms straight push the thoracic spine, the part between the shoulder blades, up to the ceiling and hold for 5-10 seconds. After that keep the arms straight and let that same section of the spine sag down toward the floor. Hold this for another 5-10 seconds. Do this about 10 times.

3Walking As Exercise For Back Pain Relief.

Walking has been shown and proven to reduce the intensity and duration of back pain.

This probably has to do with the micro-movements that happen at each of the joints in your back as you stride and with the increased blood flow to your muscles when you move.

Pick a safe place where you won’t have to manage many obstacles, set a timer for 30-45 minutes, and get to stepping.

4Exercises for lower back pain relief. Avoid sitting

Sitting puts a lot of strain on the low back.

If you can, try doing standing and walking as much as possible and not sitting for more than 20-30 minutes at a time.

If you must sit for longer than that try placing a rolled-up towel behind different parts of your back until you find the most comfortable spot for it.

This will help reduce your pain while sitting.

5Try different sitting positions.

If you can’t avoid sitting for long stretches of time (maybe you have a longer commute or a lot of meetings that day) remember to regularly shift your position.

Move your seat in your car slightly forward or backward.

Play with putting something under your feet. Maybe sit on an exercise ball or just try a different chair.

Even try just leaning to one side or the other. Every bit of movement helps.

Be patient and keep working through it.

Almost all back pain gets better with time.

Within 6-8 weeks, following reasonable advice, you should be back to 100%

6Swimming Is Also Medically Proven.

In water up to your waist, the body weighs about 40% of what it does on land.

If you get up to your chest it only weighs 20%.

Plus, in the water, you get some natural traction and you get lots of joint motion and muscle activity without all the compression of activity on dry land.

You don’t have to do laps. Even just walking in the water, rotating the trunk, or doing bodyweight squats in the pool can do the trick.

7Eat Well

When you feel lousy, there is a temptation to let everything else go by the wayside as well.

You just feel too tired to prepare a meal like normal.

Avoid this temptation. Your body needs better nutrition to heal than when it feels well.

8Extremely Important “Exercise.” Good Quality Sleep!

The body uses sleep as recovery time.

Make sure you practice good sleep hygiene and set aside plenty of time to sleep if your back hurts.

You will likely wake up more during the night with back pain and will move during the night.

For this reason, if you typically share a bed with someone else, it can help to sleep somewhere else for a few nights.

This way you won’t worry about waking them with your movements or being woken by their movements once you finally get to sleep.

Make sure wherever you sleep is dark (no television!), quiet, and cool.

Your sleep quality will need all the help it can get and your back will thank you.

9Any Kind Of Exercise Can Help. Avoid Sitting Still.

People tend to think of things like Yoga when they think of helping back pain but any exercise will help a painful back.

If you have a really painful day, you might want to drop the weight a bit, shorten ranges of motion, and choose exercises that make you feel rejuvenated.

Many people hold on their exercise when the back hurts but this is a mistake.

The joints, muscles, and ligaments of the back need to stay strong and mobile to improve your pain and help stave off future instances of back pain.

10Exercises for lower back pain relief. Breathe Deeply

Breathing deeply has many benefits for pain and also anxiety in general.

When the body has pain, anxiety and fear follow close behind.

Having to worry if the next move will hurt you is a real drag!

This type of worry stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is useful when you need to run from danger, but not so great when trying to relieve a painful back.

Taking in a deep breath, holding it, and letting out an exhalation just a little longer than the inhalation has an immediate relaxing effect on the sympathetic nervous system.

This will help the body relax more, calm the worried mind, and soothe those aching muscles from the inside out.

Additionally, the diaphragm, the muscle that performs the major work of breathing, attaches to the spine which will give some extra motion to the spine with each deep breath.

11Get strong- it might seem counter-intuitive …

To focus on strength when the back hurts, but the conventional wisdom has led us to a society where 90% of people have back pain at some point so trying something a little different might not be such a bad idea.

Think of this, most people think the discs in the spine function as shock absorbers but this is not true. They are made mostly of water and water is a poor shock absorber (think tsunamis!).

The major shock absorber of the back is actually the quadriceps muscles on the front of your legs.

Working these guys will remind them of their job and strengthening them will protect your spine from future excessive jolts.

Strengthening the rest of your body will also help as the back will not have to compensate for weak muscles during other motions.

12Exercises for lower back pain relief. Try To Have Fun.

Sometimes a medical issue will prevent you from the things you love most, but the back pain doesn’t have to.

Doing the activities you love, no matter what they are and even if you have to modify them, will shorten the duration of your pain and likely reduce the recurrence of it.

Conversely, cutting out the things you enjoy can worsen your symptoms because depression and sadness increase pain and dysfunction.

So stick to the things you love!

13Use Heat And Ice Sparingly.

Heat and ice can feel good, but neither can actually help your problem.

Both heat and ice can only penetrate about 2-3 millimeters into the tissue.

This means that they can really only heat or cool the skin on most parts of the body.

The nerves in your skin do play some role in pain, but it is minor.

Instead, when you feel relief from heat or ice it is because the pleasant sensation has allowed you to relax.

For this reason, ice and heat are okay to use but shouldn’t replace the things that help you get better long term.

Use ice or heat only during times when you would normally have been inactive anyway.

14Use NSAIDs Only As Needed.

NSAIDs like Motrin, naproxen, or ibuprofen can be effective in the short term for the management of low back pain.

Most people look for drugs they believe to be “stronger” than these but, in reality, when people don’t know what they’re taking, these drugs work as well for most pains as their opioid alternatives.

Remember that these drugs still have side effects so use them only as needed and take advantage of their therapeutic effect to get sleep, get moving, and do the other things that will help your back to feeling great!

15Consider Manual Therapy Or Massage.

A good massage, adjustment from a chiropractor, or manual therapy session from a physical therapist can do a lot to reduce the pain you experience in the low back for a short period of time.

Use this much like ice or heat, as a tool to get feeling better so you can do the long term fixes like getting enough sleep and activity to take care of your pain more permanently.

Importantly, though, these professionals are in high demand and it can take some time to get an appointment.

DON’T WAIT to get started on the other key pieces of your recovery like movement and exercise until you see them.

If you’re already a little more limber from taking care of your back well it will make their jobs a whole lot easier and more effective.


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