Four Percent Group Review. Here’s how Vick Strizheus and his 4% Group could make you rich. Fast & easy!


Four percent group review as the first step to your financial freedom. Starting and growing an online business, however, is easier said than done. Did you know that 98% of the internet entrepreneurs fail to make money online?

Four percent group review. What's that 4% buzz all about?

Click and start making money today
Click and start making money today

"One idea can make you a "millionaire" ... If you are looking to do more as an entrepreneur, Four Percent promises to help. They don't aim to be average - they want you to rise above that.

And they do that by mixing some potent training and information through their educational offerings - all designed to make the entrepreneur in you stand out. 

There is a question that many people are asking online. Is the 4 Percent Group Legit or a Scam?

They are considering making money online via internet and this looks an ideal way to achieve this.

The Four Percent Group will train you on money making strategies and techniques. Also, it will show the income levels using simple methods.

If the training is 100 percent completed, you can lead the high competition without saturated installation.

You don't have to sweat, drop blood or tear when making money. The truth is that if you want to identify a business opportunity or put a legitimate system for good money the 4 percent Group is your answer.

The 4% system has more than 30 income streams. Moreover, it receives assistance from its marketing veterans. Its website has a section for testimonials in video form. Majority of the users like how the program is simple to follow. People also show their earnings, therefore, proving the viability of the program.

The training offered by 4 Percent Group is an automatic marketing plan that will give you the tools and data required for an income of over $5000 per month within 30 to 60 days and then making it double in the next 60 days.

Four percent group review. Who's Vick Strizheus?

Vick Strizheus. 

Vick Strizheus is an online marketing strategist from the Ukraine. He’s the ultimate driving force behind “The Four Percent Group” and many other successfull online businesses. With his 4% system he will teach you exactly and step by step how to make money online. Starting today!  

Vick Strizheus who is a married and a father of six kids, he is also a writer, a motivational speaker, a good strategist in business and one of the great minds behind the best and Best converting sales funnels we have today.

Vick started from zero back in 2005, but he was patent enough since he knew what it takes to go through your dreams, by overcoming several challenges and building something of importance. In other words, we can say Vick is a hard worker and is one of the few people who his goal is a commitment towards making other people grow and become great.

As of now, Vick has offered training of over 3,000,000 students who are from over 180 countries and the can give a testimony that they have made it from his training. Vick’s training and work which is about 4% are based around two great things, i.e., Results and simplicity.

  • Here is what one of his student of Vick had to say

“I am high and with all the blessing and particularly for being one of Vick student. I can give a testimony that I have been a loyal and faithful follower and fan of Vick Strizheus, and he has been my coach, and I have been a consumer of his products. I make sure I have purchased all the product he launched including the Four Percent Challenge."

Vick is the most honest coach I have ever meet he provides so much free worth! He is a guy who is genuine, and his joy is when you conquer your difficulties an all locations of life not limited to financial challenges.

I think from all I have received from Vick I strongly advise you to start following Vick Strizheus 4% group and get all his services and products whenever he launches them and I can assure you that you will have a hung improvement in your business no matter your level at the time.

Four percent group review @ the backoffice.

No longer it is required to buy expensive software and waste your time on setting it up. Simply select the desired training and start generating revenue! "One Good Idea Can Make You A Millionaire."

Four percent backoffice

All you have to do is just to complete the setup of the first step, and the rest of the steps will take care of itself. Simple as that. They give you the chance to learn how to be an internet marketer without risking much of your living expense. If you are a beginner and you really want to learn how to build a lucrative business online than this 4% group training might be something for you.

Four percent group review. The pro's
  1. Vick Strizheus as a fantastic mentor
  2. Great extremely detailed training
  3. 100% free Weekly training webinars
  4. Webinar Replays
  5. Motivational Vick's Daily snaps
  6. Attractive interface
  7. Proven system
  8. Events

The appealing features of The Four Percent Group are: 

  •  Their avoidance of grouping 5-6 up-sells mainly to make money. In my opinion, this is a great plus because it is in contrast with similar programs such as the MLM style programs which incorporate expensive programs that you have to buy as a prerequisite to re-sell and earn money.


  •  You can join The Four Percent Group for only $1 and gain from the fact that you will not need more up-sells as you progress through the stages.


  • The four Percent has up-sells in the form of tools that are beneficial to you, and they recommend you to get a tool such as ClickFunnels, LeadPages, ClickMagick and several others. However, these are only recommendations and are optional; tools which will help you make money and earn commissions, unlike other programs which you purchase tools just for qualification purposes.


  • The weekly training webinars are also very attractive because you access them for free. Further, they record the sessions and add them to the back office which portrays their dedication to training new members thus assisting the newbies to succeed.
Four percent group review. The con's

It does not have many bad points but here are some: 

  • The website has had several technical issues, but it is typical of any business so, in my opinion, these are teething problems that will go away with time.


  • The main bad point is their integration with Tecademics, a 3rd party company. It is not that Tecademics is a lousy company but being a 3rd party company means that the Four Percent Group does not contain everything.

Honestly, I want to give an unbiased review which implies I must search for something negative but in my opinion, The Four Percent Group does not have bad points that should be of concern.

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