Freelance writing jobs are an easy way to make money online. The difference in good and bad writing is simple. Your writing will either capture your reader’s attention and keep them reading to the end…of your article (like you have now), or it will scare them off with a lack of structure and flow.

Freelance writing jobs. How to do it right.

I’m going to reveal some top secrets of writing engagement techniques. Almost nobody has any idea about what I’m going to disclose…so hold on tight!

First, let’s get to the main concepts:

  1. Open Loops
  2. Cliffhangers

Now you may ask what is open loop?

It is when you leave something unfinished after beginning it- a story, thought, idea or anything. You leave it open without any closure.

Cliffhanger effect is achieved when you continue a story sequentially- say you start in story 1 and then carry on in story 2.

Let’s take an example to demonstrate open loop effectively. You begin a story in one blogpost and then wait till next one to continue it

So when you leave something unfinished, people remember and think of it more frequently. Turns out, we store interrupted tasks 90% more in our brains than completed tasks. That’s the power of Open Loop…

Also, our brains are programmed to seek closure. So it will stay engaged reading, re-reading and interpreting and waiting for closure.

Email marketers can use this technique to their advantage with high user engagement.

There is another SEO technique which works like a charm! But I’m in the process of mastering the art so I will only present a glimpse of what is called the “Nested Loop”

What does it mean?

It’s the development of multiple story loops which will have their closure in sequence- you can think of it as a story within another story. Sounds awesome right?

But you need to wait for a few weeks or my next post for more on the subject. 🙂

Freelance writing jobs. Where to start.

Writing is in very high demand, it allows you to work as much or as little as you want, and we’ll connect you with the world’s largest buyers of written content.

These are probably by far the easiest ways to make money as a freelance writer. Hirewriters is extremely easy to join.

It only takes about fifteen minutes to set up your first gig. A gig is what Hirewriters calls each of the services offered on their site.

Once your Hirewriters gig is all set up. All you have to do is promote the links they provide you through social media and your own blog.

However, hirewriters also allows you to approach buyers in the buyer request area to send them custom offers.

The buyer request area is where they tell sellers exactly what they want done. The seller then will send them a custom offer.

Hirewriters allows sellers to send ten custom offers a day. When you first get started on hirewriters this is the best way to find work fast.

Now once you get a couple of jobs and 5-star reviews. Hirewriters will throw you some love, they will start putting your gig on their front page a few times a week. You will know

w when this happens when orders start rolling in from customers you have never had any interaction with before.

Bidding on freelance writing jobs.

There are some sites, like Upwork and Freelancer, that you can bid on jobs that are offered inside their marketplace.

The amount of money one can make online as a freelance writer with these services depends on how skilled they are.

Both of these sites will require you to verify your identity. Upwork actually requires you to upload an image of a government-issued ID.

They both require everyone to take a skills test in their chosen profession. Therefore, if you are a freelance writer you will be taking a spelling test, grammar test, and so on.

Once you complete those hurdles you can begin bidding on jobs. At first, because you will be a new freelancer it will take some time to get the ball rolling.

As it is with, once you start getting good reviews from your customers. It becomes quite a bit easier to make money online with freelance writing jobs with these types of sites.

Freelance writing jobs by taking a hybrid approach.

You are probably wondering what I mean by taking a hybrid approach. Well, once you establish a following with a good number of returning customers.

This would be a good time to create a WordPress site where you can sell a writing service directly through a site that you own. The

payment service can easily be set up by utilizing PayPal business tools. At the same time gaining new customers every day using one of the services I mentioned above.

This method takes a significantly more time to manage. However, the earning potential is pretty good.

No matter what way you go with to make money online with freelance writing, just make sure you know how to write.

The rest will fall right into place by using any of the services I mentioned above.


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