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Addiction. A medication or liquor habit has two fundamental qualities. 1) You here and there utilize more than you might want to utilize. 2) You keep on using notwithstanding negative results.


Individuals utilize medications or liquor to get away, unwind, or to reward themselves. In any case, after some time, medications and liquor make you trust that you can’t adapt without them, or that you can’t appreciate existence without utilizing. The best harm is to your self-regard.

A compulsion must meet no less than 3 of the accompanying criteria. This depends on the criteria of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV) and World Health Organization

Individuals just quit utilizing medications and liquor when they have endured enough negative outcomes. When you’ve endured enough torment and enough lament you are prepared to stop.

You are prepared to stop when the two sides of fixation impact. From one perspective, fixation feels so great that you need to utilize more. Then again, enslavement prompts to negative results. Before long, something must give.

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