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BBQ And Charcoal Grilling Tips From A Real Chef. The key to a perfect steak is grilling it at a high temperature for a short amount of time…

What is BBQ actually

BBQ is the acronym for Barbecue a widely misused word in the general public.

It’s not implied to mean anything cooked on a grill. Barbecue is not food, and it’s not fish; instead, it’s a cooking method.

The rest of barbecue definitions is a complication aimed at rising unwarranted controversial and in some quarters it can easily lead into a fight.

There exist different versions to justify what BBQ means which are worth denoting.

  • Is BBQ a hamburger?

Some people argue that BBQ is a hamburger on the hibachi. Other peoples dispute this indicating that hibachi is a grilling and not a barbecue.

Other people say BBQ is pork while says its beef. The Kansas City Barbeque Society says it’s both pork and beef with a combination of chicken.

  • Origin of Barbecue

The word BARBECUE originated from the word

Taino: an Indian word which Spanish said it sounded like barbacoa.

The word is used by Indians today to indicate something with multiple meanings.

According to Indians, barbecue is a cooking device, a shelter, a tool that is bedlike, a storage device, or even food that is cooked on the device.

Barbecue true meaning depends on the culture of, however, is giving the definition. Since the whole process adds up to a cooking process, concluding it’s a cooking method looks more logical.