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Cooking, whether the food is being prepared and baked, boiled, fried, and grilled or sautéed, which is the healthiest way?

What is cooking?

Among certain words, people use every day is cooking.

Surprisingly most people know the act of food prepare but can’t narrate what Sautéing is by use of words.

It is simply an application of heat on raw food.

It’s believed  started when early man first discovered fire after grinding two rocks together continuously.

  • Cooking tools

Early man had no grilling tools and would burn meat or greens in open fire.

Today, with the advancement in technology, new cooking tools were discovered.

Today apart from preparing food on an open flame, people cook using microwaves, toasters and the more famous stovetops.

Why do we have to cook?

  • Some food like rice, corns, and raw potatoes can’t be eaten without boiling.
  • Baking ensure food is safe for consumption. Some food like meat contains a lot of bacteria that can only be rendered ineffective after the food is cooked down.
  • The act of boiling helps liquefy fats and butter that tend to unpalatable when taken raw.
  • Grilling helps transform food, such as sugars and starch. When sugars are heated, they break down into small compounds that can be easily ingested.

Cooking is an act which stared many years ago.

People try to innovate different ways to prepare food day in day out since how perfect is the BBQ methods squarely determines how juicy and tasteful the food will become.