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What is the meaning of free?

Free is quite a broad term that is used in almost all fields.

However, the most common use of the terminology is when you are referring to something costing nothing — the situation where you obtain goods for no pay in exchange.

In most cases, this is when there is a discount, and the retailer decides to reward loyal customers by, for example, giving one bathing soap freebies if you buy two of the same or different kind.

Free might also be used to refer to the free-market where the cost or prices of all products and services are dictated by the consumers of the product and open market.

No authority, including governments, has control of the supply and demand of commodities in a free-market.

Instances when products and services will be gratuit.

Products or services will be a bargain in the following instance;

  • Clearing an old stock, including the dead stock.
  • Rewarding loyal customers or consumers.
  • Charity work etc.

When a retailer does not want to give the product for nothing, they may opt to offer discounts of up to 90% on any specified goods.