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Marketing is not simply the act of getting people to buy your product, it also involves finding out what the needs of your customers are and how your business can meet these needs. There are four elements of marketing that are known as the 4 P’s:

– Product. What will your product be and how it will be developed to assist your customers.

– Price. The price should be determined by weighing up how much the product is to make and what customers will be prepared to pay for it.

– Place. How are you going to get your product into your customers place? This can be from selling it in a physical store to or making it available to purchase online.

– Promotion. How is the product going to be promoted? You will need to think about where your product will be advertised and how you are going to reach your target audience.

This shows that the whole process of marketing is about the whole life cycle of the product, from the moment that it is produced to the point where it is purchased by a customer. A customer does not want to feel as though you are only interested in maintaining a relationship with them until the point where they have handed over their money. Showing that you are interested in what their needs are and that you want to help them with these needs through the products that you are offering.