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Muscles are organs that are made up of muscle tissues that are subjected to contraction to produce any type of movement. However, there two types of muscle in the body based on their mode of movement. They are;

  • Involuntary.
  • Voluntary.

The difference between the voluntary and involuntary is that for the voluntary muscles, they move as a result of thinking about them while involuntary muscles we do not have to necessarily think for them to move.

The voluntary muscles are also referred to as skeletal that use the bones as their levers.

Moreover, there is the cardiac muscle commonly known by many as the heart which pumps blood throughout the body; to the lungs for oxygen and supply the oxygen to other body organs.

The muscles account for around 36% of the body of an average man.

Moreover a muscle can be prone to various issues that may affect their functioning including;

  • Muscle weakness.
  • Charley horses or Muscle cramps.
  • Congenital muscle abnormalities.

However, to make you stronger and enhance their activity, you can use the anaerobic and aerobic exercises to make them stronger and flexible.