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What Is Packaging?

As the name suggests, packaging is the act/process of designing and producing the wrapper or container for your finished products.

This is the activity of covering or rather wrapping goods/products before selling them to their end-users.

When packing products for sale, some considerations affect the design. They include;

  • Opening: How do you intend the consumer to open the product? Is the product meant to be used for a while? Or is the product to be opened by an authorized person? This is one of the considerations that will determine the package of the packaging when it comes to the opening of the product.


  • Labeling: What are the requirements when it comes to the labeling of the package? Especially for medicine and food products, you must include the ingredients and their nutritional values on the packaging.


  • Size: What size is the package supposed to be? You should design the package according to the amount or weight it is supposed to carry, especially if shipping will be needed.


  • Durability: There are so many products that are produced in a way that they can’t guarantee their safety, the package must, therefore, be made in a way that it protects the products. For example, medicine; you have to use a packaging that protects it from direct sunlight.

Packaging is a crucial stage of manufacturing goods; it gives the products a final look that is supposed to attract consumers, educate them on the use of the product and most importantly help in the storage and shipping of the product.