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SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the process of making it easy for people to find your site when they enter a search term that is relevant to your business. SEO is something that everyone who has a website should be doing but it can sometimes be a very misunderstood industry. It is one of the most effective ways of getting traffic to your site that is ready to convert.

You are not able to pay to get your site ranking higher than others so this makes it fair for companies of all sizes. When someone uses a search engine the results that will be displayed will have been determined by the search engine to be the most relevant.

SEO. How Are Pages Ranked In Google?

Google is the search engine that is probably used more often than any other. Therefore if you can get your site to rank well here then you have the best chance of finding new customers. Google gives higher preference to sites that it considers to be authority sites. The key to becoming recognized as an authority site is to have great content that people love to share on their blogs or social media profiles. In order to keep ranking well, you need to keep creating new content on a continuous basis.