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What is shipping?

Shipping is the moving of merchandise or rather goods from the manufacturer or retailer to the consumer on the products.

As the word suggests, it involves the transport of goods from one place to the other, mainly from a manufacturer to the consumer.

Normally, small businesses may handle their own distribution, but as the venture grows, there is always the need to look for a professional to handle delivery issues.

Cargo professionals are what we refer to as cargo or logistics companies. Some work locally, others regionally and others internationally.

Shipment can take several forms depending on;

  • The urgency of the shipment.
  • Location of the manufacturer.
  • Budget.
  • Validity.

This means that sending goods can either take the form of ground-shipping, air-shipping, or ocean-shipping.

They are all different when it comes to the period of cost.

Ecommerce stores are the best example of businesses that use dropshipping.

They advertise goods, customers make orders, and they are taken to the transport section where they give their address and given the additional transport cost.

However, some e-Commerce stores such as Amazon give discounts when it comes to sending since they are transporting volumes of the products.

Remember, the higher the volumes, the cheaper the cost of delivery.

Difference between shipping and delivery.

Shipping and delivery are terminologies that people use to mean the same thing; however, there is a thin line between them.

Moreover, transporting dates are used to refer to when the shipment leaves the warehouse to the customer while delivery dates refer to when the customer is likely to receive their package.