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Symptoms are a mental or physical feature which is regarded as an indication of disease, especially a feature that is evident to the patient.

Many people use the words symptom and sign interchangeably. However, in the field of medicine, there are significant differences that affect their use.

For instance, any objective evidence of a disease such as a cough or a skin rash is a sign. However, less clear breaks in the normal functioning of the body such as fatigue or stomachache are symptoms.

3 Main Types of Symptoms

  • Relapsing Symptom – This is a symptom that had occurred earlier, resolved, and them come back. For example, a symptom of depression might not happen for months at a time but can then return.
  • Chronic Symptoms- These are recurrent or long-lasting signs. They are frequently seen in ongoing conditions such as cancer, asthma, and diabetes.
  • A Remitting Symptom – This is a symptom that resolve or improve completely. For instance, signs of the common cold may occur for several days and resolve without get treated.