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Veganism & Plant based dinner recipesVeganism is the practice of abstaining from anything that has been made with animal products. This is mainly food products but it also involves the philosophy that rejects animals as a commodity.

People that follow this philosophy are often referred to as vegans. However, within this definition, there are several different categories. Dietary vegans do not consume any products that have come from animals.

This goes a lot further than vegetarianism because vegans also do not eat dairy products, eggs or any other substances that are derived from animals.

Ethical vegans follow the same diet as dietary vegans but also opposes the use of animals for any purpose, and avoids all of these in their daily lives.

There has also recently been a growing trend in environmental veganism. This is where people follow a vegan lifestyle because they believe that the industrial farming of animals is damaging to the environment, and is unsustainable in the long term.

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