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Walking is the act of moving your left and right leg to produce some motion. From the age of around 1 years when one learns to walk, it becomes a basic activity although one’s life.

It can however be inhibited by various things such as;

  • Age.
  • Injury due to accidents.
  • Medical disorders such as polio

However, there are people who are born with the inability to walk meaning that their legs are either not completely formed or generally weak.

This results in them having to use equipment such as wheel chairs to move.

For those that are involved in accidents, they have to undergo therapy so as to try to regain their leg power.

Benefits of walking.

It is a recommended activity as it helps in the following ways;

  1. Helps burn fat.
  2. Strengthens your legs.
  3. Boost metabolism.
  4. Enhances sleep.
  5. Helps digestion
  6. Helps relieve tension from the body.
  7. Helps improve mood.

Walking is simply an activity that carries so many health benefits apart from getting you to your destination.