what do new moms need the most

What do new moms need the most? Especially when you are expecting your first baby? If so, congratulations! And if you are getting closer to the third trimester, it is time to get organized.

If you haven’t had a baby shower yet, then you will need to create a baby registry that features products you will need.

If you are not planning to have a shower, then you need to add some important products to your list of things to have before the baby arrives.

Let’s go over the 10 things that all new moms (and expectant moms) need to have before the big arrival:

1Swaddle Sack

Babies need to be swaddled to stay warm and for security, but having loose blankets around is not a smart idea.

That is why a swaddle sack is a brilliant option.

You place the sack on the baby, zip it up, and your baby is swaddled without having loose blankets around!

2Glow In The Dark Soother

You probably have already put pacifiers on the must-have list for your new baby.

However, get the glow in the dark ones.

If the room is dark and your baby is up crying, the last thing you will want to do is turn the light on to completely wake the baby up.

That is why this type of soother is a must-have.

3Skin Cream For Babies

skin cream for babies

The baby’s skin is ultra-sensitive and needs to stay moist so that no rashes or other skin conditions emerge.

This is why it is important to have skin cream for babies on hand, and the organic kind that is free of chemicals or additives in the ideal type.

4Convertible High Chair

convertible high chair

Even though the need for a high chair is months away, you will want to have this one on hand.

The convertible type is best because it makes it much easier to clean.

And, you can keep this chair for a long time as well because it turns into a toddler chair!

5Anti-Colic Bottles

anti colic bottles

You will need baby bottles whether you are nursing or not because they need to pump will come when you are elsewhere and someone else will take the feeding duty.

The best type of bottles to get is the ones that are anti-colic which means these are designed to prevent air from being sucked in during the feeding time.

The extra air causes gas pains in the baby and potentially colic!

6Teething Blanket

teething blanket

A teething blanket is brilliant because it serves as a teether to relieve pain as well as a fun object to keep babies occupied as it is full of fun textures and colors.

It is also safe.

7Baby Swing

baby swing

You can’t hold your baby all the time, and your baby will want constant motion so the best thing to do is to put the baby into the swing.

And this will make your infant content while you take care of your other chores.

8Waterproof Mattress Pad

waterproof mattress pad

This is a must-have since babies do leak and a waterproof mattress pad will prevent spillage from setting into the mattress and staining it.

9Umbrella Stroller

umbrella stroller

This stroller is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around. The traditional stroller is heavy and not compact.

If you plan to go to the mall or do some traveling with your baby, this stroller is a must-have.

10Baby Sling

baby sling

If you want to keep bonding with your baby by keeping him or her close to you but you need to tackle other tasks, this is a perfect way to achieve both.

The sling will keep you and your baby comfortable as it will hang from you while it’s holding your baby close to your chest.

Your baby is comforted by being in close contact with you while your hands are free!

What do new moms need the most?

With that said, these items are a must-have for new moms, and be sure to either add them to your baby registry – or be sure to purchase these before labor!


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