Yoga exercises can do miracles for your overall mood, physique and peace of mind.


Yoga exercises for beginners guide will give you all the tips, guidelines and recommendations you will need to start a successful, dynamic sequencing yoga program. See the video

Yoga exercises can do miracles.

Yoga exercises and positions that even beginners can do so that you can have an easy transition into the art of yoga.

Yoga exercises. Tadasana

How it Helps: Better sense of center, posture, mental clarity, and breathing.

Achieved by: Standing with feet split by hip ratio. Make sure the weight is evenly spread with your arms beside you. Take slow and deep breaths at a consistent pace.

Make sure your neck and spine are perfectly aligned. As you focus, you can put your arms and legs into motion. One example is a prayer position in which people reach up and stretch to the sky.

Yoga exercises. Adho mukha svanasana

How it Helps: Brings circulation to the whole body; also good for stretching the calves and heels.

How it’s Done: Get on fours with hands at shoulder width and knees at hip width. Move your hands forward and then spread fingers wide apart.

This encourages stability. Curl up your toes and then push up your hips until your body takes on the shape of an inverted V. Make sure your knees are bent a little.

In order to get the best possible stretch, make sure your heels are still on the floor. Another thing you can do is to press your heels down and “walk your dog”.

Yoga exercices. Virabhadrasana

How it Helps: Brings more strength to your legs and ankles while strengthening them.

How it’s Done: Stand up straight with your legs apart by three or four feet. Turn your right foot out by 90 degrees with your left foot slightly turned in.

Move your arms out to your sides with palms down while keeping your shoulders down. Take a lunge on your right knew for 90 degrees.

Make sure your knee stays over your foot, but keep it from passing your toes. Focus on your hand for any amount of time that you choose then change to the other side.

Yoga exercises. Setu bhanda

How it helps: Bringing more strength to the neck, spine and chest. It is good for warming up to more intense back bending exercises.

How it’s done: Keep your arms at your sides while lying on the floor. Make sure your knees are bent and then press into the floor with your feet while lifting your hips.

Get your hands clasped under your lower back so that you can support yourself. Make sure your hips are lifted parallel to the floor while moving your chest to your chin. For those that are new, you can put pillows under your head or your hips.

Yoga exercises. Trikonasana

How it Helps: Stretches your full body. Brings more strength to your knees, ankles and thighs; great relief for backache. Pregnant women could benefit well from it.

How it’s Done: Pose like a warrior on your right, but don’t lunge into your knee. Then take the outside of your right hand and touch the inside of your right foot.

Take your left hand and reach to the ceiling. Take your gaze past your left hand in order to give your back a good stretch. Then do the same for the other side.

Yoga exercises. Ardha matsyendrasana

How it helps: Provides you with a really good and astonishing stretch. This provides some great relief from long hours at the office. Good for shoulders, neck, and hips.

How it’s Done: Sit down on the floor or ground and then extend your legs in front of you. Take your right foot and then cross it over the outer side of your thigh on your left.

Bend the left knee while the right knee is pointing at the ceiling. Make sure your right hand stays on the floor behind you for stability.

Take your left elbow on the outside of the right knee. Make a twist as far to the right as you can. You will move your abdomen while you are doing so. Keep both butt cheeks on the floor. This exercise is good for both sides.

Yoga exercices. Urdhva mukha svanasana

How it Helps: Brings greater strength to the arms wrists and spine

How it’s Done: With your thumbs under your shoulders, lie down on your face on the floor. Extend your legs with the tops of your feet touching the floor.

Squeeze your glutes, tucking your hips downward. Make sure your shoulders stay down while you push up and lift your chest off the ground. This can be done repeatedly, as long as you relax.

Yoga exercises. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

How it Helps: By getting the chest and shoulders open. It’s a good stretch for the quad

How it’s Done: Get yourself in a position to do push-ups. Make sure your palms are under your shoulders. Move your left knee to the floor close to your shoulders with your heel on the left being placed close to your right hip.

Press into the floor with your hands and then lift your chance while sitting back. The chest could also be put lower to the floor in order to chest. Then switch to the other side.

Yoga exercises. Bakasana

How it Helps: Brings Strength to the arms, wrists, and abs. This is admittedly challenging. But for those that are able to manage it, they will impress people.

How it’s Done: Get into a position of a downward facing dog. Then walk your feet until your knees and arms are in contact. Then bend your elbows while lifting your heels up in a careful fashion.

Place your knees against your upper arms on the outside and rest it there. Make sure that your abs stay engaged and legs remain up against the arms.

People who are more experienced can leave their toes on the floor. They can also lift off the floor and hover them. In order to managed this, you have to keep your heels close to your butt and keep your body tightly tucked.

Afterwards, take time to prepare yourself, and then push your upper arms against your shins with your inner groin going deep into the pelvis for assistance in the lift.

Yoga exercises. Balasana

How it Helps: Gives you the ability to relax and breathe to your back. Your hips get a good stretch along with your thighs and ankles. It is good for back and neck pain.

How it’s done: Sit on your heels upright and comfortably. Roll forward with your torso and bring your forehead forward to the ground for rest.

Get your arms extended forward and bring your chest low to your knees as far as you can go while maintaining comfort. Then hold that pose while breathing deep to your torso. Exhale your breath and then move into your fold more deeply.


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